Return to unused Antarctic station Dobrovolsky real

The return of Polish polar explorers to the unused for 38 years polar station named after him. Dobrowolski station in Antarctica is feasible within the next decade, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Lukasz Szumowski assessed in an interview with PAP.

Poland has two polar stations in Antarctica – operating continuously since 1977. im. H. Arctowski located on the Island of Krola George in the Shetland archipelagooSouth, and the now-abandoned im. Antoni Dobrowolski station in the Bunger Oasis.

Deputy Minister Szumowski asked by PAP on Friday whether the Polar Station im. A. Dobrowolski will resume operations in the next 10 years, he countered: "I think so. At the moment, if it were possible to get there and by helicopter to bring automatic research stations – it would be a viable". He added that within 10 years "we should wrocić na Dobrowolskiego na surely".

The site of the station named after geophysicist, polar explorer, educator Antoni Boleslaw Dobrowolski (1872-1954) was handed over to the Poles in 1959. Russians. It consists of two wooden houses. Since 1979. The station is not by a polar exploreroin use – scientists stress that reaching it is not easy, as it lies inland. It is currently managed by the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

In turn, polar explorers from the Polish Antarctic Station im. H. For several years now, the Arctovsky Museum has been sounding the alarm about its poor situation, resulting from the location of the mainoin the new station building. When it was erected, it was located several metersow from the sea; now with high levels of wod is less than a meter – that is why the building may be wkrotce shut down.

The activities of the Arctowski station are financed from fundsoin the ministry of science as part of the so-called. special research unit (SPUB). Therefore, placowka, whichora manages the station – the Institute of Biophysics and Biochemistry (IBB) of the Polish Academy of Sciences – since dwohe Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) has been courting the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) for additional funds for the construction of a new buildingownego. Its erection was valued at nearly 90 million zlotys.

Deputy Minister Szumowski, asked by PAP when a decision on the financing of this project can be expected, said that there is still no resolution on this issue and that due to the amount needed – it requires an inter-ministerial agreement and a decision by the Council of Ministersow.

– This topic is being discussed all the time at the moment. These settlements are not yet there, but I hope that eventually one way or anotherob is to finance the Arctowski Station will be, because of course we need to finance at least to the extent that no environmental disaster (. ). Ultimately, we must shoulder this problem (. ) – declared.

Szumowski said that roIt also includes work on the prob to finance the purchase of a ship for polar explorersow. As he explained, it would serve Polish polar stations – "zaroBoth transport and research."

The deputy minister took part on Friday in an anniversary session on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Polish Polar Station named after Prof. J. K. K., the head of the Polish Polar University. S. Siedlce on Spitsbergen and the Polish Antarctic Station named after him. H. Arctowski in the Antarctic, whichora took place in Warsaw.