Polish electric-hydrogen bus from Lublin

The vehicle on a single refueling will mohead to travel about 450 kilometersow. Hydrogen cylinders are placed on the roof of the vehicle, with a total capacity of 35 kilogramsow. Engineers say that per 100 kilometersow vehicle will consume 7 kilogramsoin hydrogen.

– The bus will be produced in Lublin, where we have the production infrastructure prepared. The first series will go into production as soon as the first orders are signedorallies. We are working intensively on acquiring customersow. I hope it is a matter of a few to several months – said Karol Zarajczyk, president of spoUrsus low-floor bus.

Ursus vehicle is a low-floor bus, whichory can accommodate 75 passengersow, of which 28 are on seating. The layout inside the vehicle can be adapted according to the customer’s needs.

– Hydrogen-fueled vehicles are the future in road transportation. We are counting on a lot of interest in our electric-hydrogen bus in Western European markets, in which we areorych this type of transportation for reasons ofoin ecological vehicles are increasingly popular and cost-competitive in poroIn comparison with traditional vehicles – explained President Zarajczyk in a message published on the company’s website.

This is not the first vehicle of the well-known company from Lublin, whichory intends to conquer the market for green vehiclesoin transportation. In September last year, the company unveiled a prototype of an electric delivery vehicle. About the electric „provider” can be read in the text Electric carod delivery van from Ursus. The company also has two electric buses, the Ursus City Smile and the Ursus Ekovolt.

The company expects support from the authorities. At the Lublin plant, the Group is currently able to produce approx. 100 busow per year. Ursus wants to continue developingoj in the electromobility segment. The authorities of the społki wants Ursus to produce several hundred electric buses in 3-4 yearsow and trolleybusoin the annual.

– Ursus particularolnie strongly focuses on environmentally friendly means of transportation. We are currently running more than a dozen projectsoIn the electromobility segment, whichore, taking into account the transport development strategy in the European Union and the Polish government’s support for the production of such solutions, guarantee us further dynamic development of theoj. We want to be at the forefrontoince the European market the manufactureroin a vehicleoin ecological – summarized President Zarajczyk.