On holidays, wind farms in Poland supplied 40 percent of the. of energy

As reported by the high-energy website.pl, on Saturday, December 23, Polish wind farms recorded a record by delivering the most power ever. On the first day of Christmas, they covered the demand of up to 40 percent of the. of our country’s.

This is another year when records are being broken for obtaining energy from wind turbines in Poland. Last year to the high scoreoin the acquisition of energy from wind farms contributed to the orkan „Barbara”. On December 26, 2016, 4.9 GW of power was obtained from wind farms, which roThe wind turbine was operating on 34 percent of. The energy demand of the whole country. This year’s record also has to do with windy weather. It is also associated with lower energy demand during the holidays.

On December 23, wind farms reached nearly 90 percent. of their capacity producing 5234 MW. Strong winds and low energy demand resulted in the energy obtained from wind turbines covering 40 percent of the. demand of the whole country.

The energy generated by windmills, together with that obtained by hydroelectric power plants, biomass power plants and smaller thermal power plants, resulted in the production of energy from fossil fuels amounting to only 35 percent over the Christmas period. Kozienice power plant operated at 14 percent of. of its capabilities, and the Belchat Power Plantoat 21 percent. – are Poland’s two largest coal-fired power plants.