Malick culture objects from 6,000 years ago discovered in Rzeszow

The first finds were made a year ago during the construction of the bicycle track. Excavated inoAt the time, seven whole vessels of everyday use. Pots and bowls and a flint tool were found. To the promising archaeological site, the researchers returnedocili this year.

– We have already excavated several more whole vessels and perhaps fragments, ktore they will stick out to us with those excavated in autumn – said in an interview with the Nowiny24 Miroslaw Mazurek, an archaeologist from the University of Rzeszow, ktory conducts research on Lisia Gorze. – We also found an axe made of siliceous marl – added.

The current site is about 100 meters awayow from the site of the archaeologist’s workoin the 1960s. Mazurek admitted that similar exhibitoin, ktore were excavated from the ground on Lisia Gorze is much more in the region, but it is puzzling why so many vessels were found in one place.

The UR archaeologist explained that traces of the Malick culture stretch along the Wislok River. Ancient artifacts have been found before, if only in the vicinity of Rzeszow Castle. – Malick culture is such a distant time for us that we don’t really know much about the people in theoat the time. We simply find material remains of them, such as vessels, tools, hearths – emphasized the researcher in an interview with Nowiny24 news service.en.

– In addition to Neolithic monuments, we came across roAlso on monuments from the Bronze Age of the Lusatian culture. It is hoped that the research will continue and bring more interesting finds – Mazurek said.