Lynx caught by video traps near Bielsko-Biała

The population of lynxes in Poland is estimated at about 300 individualsow. There are definitely four adult cats in the Silesian Beskid, including two females. Videotapes have already recorded them more than once with youngsters.

Association for Nature "Wolf" conducts lynx monitoringoin the Silesian Beskid for 10 years. According to the aforementioned vice president of the association, the recording proves that „That young individuals leave maternal territories and start their own families more on po³noc”. – We have tracked them before, and we know that they are there permanently – Mysłajek said in an interview with PAP.

According to data from 2011, there are 296 lynxes in Polandow, but only 50 years ago their population was estimated at about 150 individualsow. Currently, it lives in the Biebrza Basin, Białowieża Forest, Augustowska Forest, Knyszynska Forest, Borecka Forest and the Carpathian FoothillsoCarpathian Mountains. Rarely found in Roztocze, as well as in the Solska Forest and Polesie Lubelskie.

Lynx reach the size of an adult German Shepherd Dog. They occupy very extensive territories – About 130 – 350 kilometersoin square. With the exception of females with young, lynxes lead a solitary life. This is one of the largest predatorsoin Europe. In our country they are under strict protection.