How radio waves affect humans?

Health risks associated with electromagnetic field interaction was the main topic of the symposium “Human and Field: Submission or Interaction,” organized by the French company ATDI and the Center for Advanced Studies at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Taking place on May 19-21 of this year. The conference will shed new light on the issue of how radio waves affect humans. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Digitization.

– We have invited a world-class expertow with roof various fields of science to start a serious discussion on the impact of radio waves on humans. To date, the impact of electromagnetic fields on humans has been discussed in isolation from research and analysis, and its potential consequences have become easy prey for political and environmental gamesmanship. As a result, wokoł topic has accumulated many mythsow and controversy. Symposium „Human and Field: Submission or Interaction” is the beginning of ogoThe global debate, whichora – we hope – will close the era of conjectureoin, and will offer a comprehensive and unconventional knowledge of the world around us,” stresses Agnieszka S¶losarska, President of ATDI.

During the symposium, experts from the roof different fields of knowledge, including physics, medicine and engineering sciences, will present the latest developments and projects on the problem of wave interaction. The scientific committee includes distinguished professors Michael Giersig of Freie University Berlin, ATDI expert Haim Mazar affiliated with the ITU, and a strong representation of scientificoIn the Warsaw University of Technology, headed by prof. Stanislaw Janeczko.

The topic of wave interaction is a particularolnie important, given that the telecommunications network is constantly expanding. In 2014, more than half of the world’s population was already using a phoneoin the comorkowych, and the number is steadily growing. A similar phenomenon is observed in the case of the useroon the Internet, whichoThe number of people already stands at 3 billion, of which 2 billion are actively using mobile solutions.

As noted by prof. Haim Mazar, exposure to long-term pol electromagnetic fields coming from roThe first railroad to be held in the city will have a number of different sourcesode³ may raise concerns about health effects. Are concerns justified? The answer to this question will be provided by scientists themselves.