Construction translations

Construction and architecture is a very rapidly growing branch of the economy. More and more major companies are coming out with their offerings to the international market. For this it is not necessary to have perfect knowledge of the language.

It is enough to know it at a communicative level to moc to understand the most important issues and communicate the most important matters. What’s different if specialized documents are involved. Construction includes a whole mnoThe use of specialized terminology and proprietary names for raw materialsoin, methods, tools. Likewise with architecture. In order to properly make a translation from this area, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of it and other skills (for example, technical or analytical). In addition to technical skills, knowledge of the specialized vocabulary associated with it is necessary here. And so within the framework of construction translations translate:

  • Scientific articles in the field of construction and architecture,
  • Product cardsow,
  • Investment cost estimates,
  • Price bids for the design work of the premises,
  • Descriptions of the development status of the plot,
  • Technical descriptions,
  • Urban descriptions,
  • Tender letters,
  • Architectural projects,
  • Construction projects,
  • Landscaping projects,
  • Implementation projects,
  • Acceptance reports,
  • Reports,
  • Contracts,
  • Lists of completed construction projects.

With the help of translating such a heavy documentoin come specialists, ktoWho, in addition to their philological education and perfect knowledge of the language with all its rules, have a degree in construction, architecture, directionoin technical. In addition, they should be passionate about the subject, have a great deal of knowledge in this area and keep up to date with the latest news. The translation is best handled by specialists in roof different areas. That is, for example, an architect works on an architectural project, and then his work is verified by a translator with a construction background and a translator passionate about news in this world or a native speaker. This will eliminate the risk of an error creeping into the translation of the. And this is where offices such as Lingua Lab come to the rescue, whichore have in their team translators specialized in roThe company has been working in various fields, working in cooperationolnie on the quality of translation.