Catastrophic storms will happen more and more often in our country

Catastrophic storms – like the one that passed through Poland from Friday to Saturday – will become increasingly frequent. Their intensity and regularity are affected by the progressive warming of the climate, to which humans are contributing, atmospheric physicist Prof. J. K. K. K. K. S., tells PAP. Szymon Malinowski.

Storm, ktora passed through Poland from Friday to Saturday (August 11-12) is – as mowi scientist – an event related to the progressive warming of the climate, whichore, in turn, is caused by human activity: gas emissionsoin greenhouse. – The progressive warming of the climate is already making such events more and more likely, notes prof. Szymon Malinowski of the Institute of Geophysics, University of Warsaw.

According to the researcher, unless people reduce gas emissionsoin the greenhouse on a global scale, are storms similar to the one thatora passed over Poland a few days ago may occur in Europe even every few years. The increasingly warmer climate is conducive to extreme meteorological events, so it can be expected that over time there will be an increase in zaroboth the frequency and strength of such phenomena.

The scientist points out that the storm of the past few days was not an isolated case in our country in recent years. Recalls of floods or occurrence of tornadoes.

– Climate warming means we will see less frequent moderate weather. We can already confirm that droughts and floods are occurring more frequently than they did a few decades ago, notes prof. Malinowski.

With global climate change, the season in which theorym similar storms in Poland may occur. currently lasts from April to August, but in a couple of years it could get even longer, notes the scientist.

– Although the storm, whichora passed over our country was strong, this – on the seven-stage (0-6) Fujita Scale, the wind speed reached only a degree 2 – mowi prof. Malinowski.

Prof. Malinowski adds that meteorology and climatology have not been taught in Poland for years, so when it comes to forecasting weather and extreme phenomena "Poland does not and is not likely to conform to a good standard in the coming yearsoIN WORLD".

– Equipment counts, but the most important are people, experience, organization. In many countries, Western Europe and the US weather forecasts are more precise, he adds.

On August 11 and 12, intense storms, hailstorms and torrential rains took place in Poland. Four voivodeships were most affectedodztwa: dolnoslaskie, wielkopolskie, kujawsko-pomorskie and pomorskie regions. The wind damaged 45,000. ha forestow. Cleaning up the areaoin affected by storms will last until 2019 – moShe said on Wednesday a spokeswoman for LasoIn the State Anna Malinowska. She added that it would take 80 to 100 years for the area to see a mature forest return to the area.