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Polish programmer Tomasz Czajka worked on the control systems of SpaceX, which launched the world’s most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy, into space on Tuesday, the Polish Computer Society reported on its website.

Launched by SpaceX, the Falcon Heavy rocket took off from the spaceport in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Tuesday at. 21:45 Polish time. Two rocket boosters successfully returnedothey have been on the surface. In turn, the third, głoThe first segment of the Falcon Heavy rocket after separating from the mainowny segment crashed in the water, damaging the floating landing platform. You can read more about it in the texts: Mission, ktora could transform spaceflight, and the successful debut of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

"Amongrod engineeroin software, whichoThose who worked on SpaceX control systems is Tomasz Czajka – high school graduate im. KEN in Stalowa Wola and the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw" – reads the website of the Polish Computer Society (PTI).

His achievements are impressive. Since 2007, Czajka has worked as a software engineer at the head of theoIn 2014, Trzonkowski’s work at Google’s headquarters, from where he. permeatedoHOW TO SPACEX.

PTI recalled that already during his high school education Czajka achieved outstanding success, winning a silver and two gold medals in the International Computer Olympiad. However, during the studyow – first at the University of Warsaw, and then at the American Purdue University – won consecutive laurels in the most prestigious IT competitions. Czajka won the TopCoder Open competition in Las Vegas in 2003, 2004 and 2008. At the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in Beverly Hills, and in 2004 he and his team won the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge.

But it is not from his achievements that Tomasz Czajka is known poł Poland. In memes with a photo, ktore have been appearing for years in many places on the web and in roIn different variations, Tomasz Czajka is sitting at the table with his three colleagues (the one without glassesow). The photo was taken in 1997 at a scientific camp in Zwardon. He then won second place at the Mathematics Olympiad held there.