Warsaw company will help Thailand build satellites

Astri Poland began participation in the THEOS-2 program, which aims to build Earth observation satellites for the Thai government. The solutions developed by the Warsaw-based company will be important for the operation of the on-board computer of one of the two satellites included in the constellation. The mission is scheduled to launch in 2020.

The THEOS-2 program involves constructing and placing into orbit a dwoch satellitesoin Earth observation for the government of Thailand – high-resolution satellite and a smaller satellite. The high-resolution satellite will be provided by Airbus Defence and Space, while the smaller one will be manufactured by Surrey Satellite Technology (spocoAirbus DS), and then integrated and tested in Thailand, by engineers thereow
As part of the technology transfer.

Astri Poland’s role in the project is to integrate the test environment, whichore will be used to validate the software operating the on-board computer of the high-resolution satellite.

– We are pleased to be able to supportocreate another important space program. So far, we have been involved in the mainown European programs, this time, for the first time in our history, the end user of our solutions will be a non-European country, Thailand to be exact – said Jacek Mandas, president of Astri Poland. – Digital test environments are a familiar issue for us. We are currently working on solutions of this type for m.in.: JUICE mission, whichorej will aim to study Jupiter and its icy moonsow – highlighted.

The high-resolution satellite will enable images with a resolution of up to 50 cm and will be based on the proven design of the Astrobus-S satellite platform. This platform will be tailored to the individual requirements of this mission. The THEOS-2 constellation is intended to eventually replace the THEOS first-generation observation satellite, manufactured by Airbus DS and launched in 2008. THEOS mission was scheduled to end in 2014. However, the satellite is still operational and successfully transmits data to Earth.