In Poznan, a record-breaking large meteorite was found

Until now, the largest meteorite found in Poland was considered to be the specimen found in 2012 in Poznan Morasko. It weighs 261.2 kilograms. New find – "Crumb" – has 10 kilograms more and was discovered in the same place last summer.

Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve located on the slopes of Gory Moraska documents the site of the largest meteor shower falloin iron in Europe. It took place about five thousand years ago.It is there that a record specimen has been found so far „MeMorSS” weighing 261.2 kilograms.

Morasko Meteorite Reserve is also one of more than a dozen known places in the world where meteorites and impact craters caused by the fall of shrapnel occur simultaneously side by sideoin a large, iron meteorite, ktory probably belonged to the much-watched Perseid swarmow. The first large space stone was found at the site in 1914.

Research at the site has been ongoing since the mid-20th century. Most recently, between 1997 and 2012, the work was conducted by scientists from the Institute of Geology of the Adam Mickiewicz University prof. Wojciech Stankowski and prof. Andrzej Muszyński. They proved the impact origin of the crateroin meteorites. Many meteorites were discovered in the areaow. So far, more than 1.5 tons of extraterrestrial matter has been officially found near Morasko.

But a new specimen was found outside the boundaries of the reserve. It was discovered by Andrzej Owczarzak and Michal Nebelski, whooThey named it „Kruszynka”. Two Poznanians are engaged in searching for space stones on a daily basis. Although the discovery occurred last year, the finders have only now boasted about it to the public.

Originally „Kruszynka” weighed 315 kilogramsow. However, the weight of the meteorite has decreased during the mechanical cleaning of the so-called “meteorite”. weathered – The tarnish, whichore have already accrued during its stay on Earth. The meteorite was found at a depth of about dwoch meterow.

„Kruszynka” is currently in the hands of the finderoIn the Bialowieza Forest, but they admitted that they will want to wkrotce present the find to all interested parties. The specimen will also be made available to researchers from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Warsaw. Adam Mickiewicz.

The record-breaking meteorite is a specimen from the so-called. regmaglipts – depressions formed when a meteorite flew through the atmosphere;. On the surface „Crumbles” They also preserved fragments of the melt crust.